Charity 2021

The high-profile tournament will demonstrate its charitable character for another year, by reinforcing the non-profit organization “KARKINAKI”

KARKINAKI is Nefeli. Antonis. Vasia.  Fotini. Nikos. Karkinaki is every child or adolescent who suffers from cancer in Greece. Karkinaki is the way these children and we, their families, talk openly about childhood and adolescent cancer.

From the simplest things, such as Hand Hygiene that safeguards the reduction of infections that even endanger the lives of the children being treated to the most complex, such as the promotion of clinical research in our country, the Non-Profit Organization Karkinaki  claims intervention in the effort Childhood and adolescent cancer should stop being a taboo issue, but also to find as many allies as possible so that every child who suffers from cancer has equal access to high-quality hospitalization, effective treatment and, ultimately, right to life.


  • Supporting the scientific-research work for bringing together resources to support research programs and innovative therapeutic approaches for childhood cancer.
  • Updating information about childhood cancer and the everyday life of these children and their families through the website, the first and only “gateway” to date for childhood and adolescent cancer.
  • Supporting the systematic and organized operation of survivors of childhood cancer monitoring structures in order to ensure a good quality of life throughout their adult life
  • Supporting the systematic and organized operation of psychosocial support structures for parents

Please visit to find more about them and support their cause.